So often there are rules in our heads dictating to us whether something we do is good enough, appropriate, and/or successful.

Some go so far as having it be all or nothing with no shades of grey allowed. The topics that often come up are nutrition, exercise, overall body image, and money.

Somehow there is a rule that if you have a cookie you have totally blown your diet, you suck and you need to be punished. Likewise if you take a day off from exercising you are lazy and fat. Along the lines of money, never being quite as successful financially as you know you could be or should be…just tending to always fall short of the grandiose and insurmountable expectations in your head. Does any of this sound familiar?

I want to say this nice and clear so that you get it. How can I put it best?

Give yourself a break!


Photo credit: Caleb George