Are you clear you’re on a Sacred Journey?

Maybe life is brimming with goodness… and you sense that something needs to shift. It’s clear to you that the spiritual habits and practices you’ve used in the past may not work like they used to. What Sacred Lesson is waiting for you?

Maybe you’re feeling strong emotions. Perhaps you’re noticing that some of what you’re feeling isn’t even yours. Often it’s something you’ve picked up on, in the ether. What do you do with this?

Or maybe you know you’re on a spiritual path. But you’re not a monk, and you’re definitely not living alone in a hermit’s cave on some misty mountain. How do you tap into Sacred Connection in your everyday life?

To find your own answers to questions like these, I work with clients in two ways: over the phone or in-person.

Zenia McLaughlin_Sacred Connection Journies

Option #1

Work with Zenia privately

Over a series of private sessions with Zenia, you’ll tap into the spiritual undercurrent and find your unique way of allowing it to carry you along in daily life. Blending conversation and energy work, Zenia will guide you as you develop a more nuanced way of working with your Sacred Connection in three main areas:

  1. Clear your path. Remove energetic blocks in your way and create room for new possibilities as you practice living from a place of deep connection and complete trust in the goodness of life.
  2. Add new ways of connecting with the Sacred, unique to you. Expand and deepen the practices and tools you use to strengthen your Sacred Connection on a daily basis. (Did you know that we each have our own ways to connect to the Sacred?)
  3. Tune in. Learn how to consistently ‘drop in’ to the spiritual current running through your day-to-day life like an underground river.

You’ll meet with Zenia via phone several times a month over the course of six months, with the option to continue if you choose. Some of Zenia’s clients have worked with her for years; others feel complete after their first round. Or, if you’re looking for a deeper dive in a shorter amount of time…

Option #2

In Person Intensive

There are moments when we’ve done everything we know to do… and then? We wait.

We may wait for a message. We may wait for a feeling or signal, that this – whatever it is – is our next step on our path. Or, we notice that whatever we’ve pushed or forced is not working for us, and so we give in, and do our best to sit in the glory of nothing.

These can be lucky moments when we are at our most receptive to the still, small voice within.

I lead one-day in person intensives for individuals, couples and families who feel called to allow space for it in their lives. This 3 to 6-hour experience is designed to help you sink into the spiritual current beneath the surface of your life, so that you may receive the healings, teachings and lessons that have been waiting for you.

Based on your needs and intention, together we’ll pick a place for our time together that naturally supports you… whether I come to you or we both travel to a place that calls you.

Offered by invitation, the one-day intensive works best if you have a clear sense of what you want to accomplish, shift, or explore (even if you can’t quite put words to it and just know this is for you). If you resonate with this idea, please email and tell me a bit about your situation and intention, and why you are interested.

The first step? Let’s get acquainted.

If this work resonates with you, the first step is to have a conversation with Zenia. In this conversation, you can expect her to ask you about your situation and goals, and you can ask any questions you may have, too. The intention for this call is for you to get a sense of Zenia and see if the two of you feel like a fit. From there, you can talk about working together.

Click on the button below to set up a conversation. After you set up your appointment, you will be sent a questionnaire so Zenia can get to know a bit about you and what you’re looking for.

Option #3

The YNAB Sessions

I also work with people called to think about their money in new and different ways. This is not a financial planning conversation. It’s not a “money mindset” conversation, either. Instead, this is a conversation for those who would like to make space for something new to happen with their money.

If you would like someone to hold an expansive and expanding lens about your relationship with money… and who also brings that into a practical, nitty-gritty conversation about making choices in your daily life, read more here about working together.