An interesting question. One, perhaps several years ago I would have quickly answered, with
my chest puffed out, “Why, of course, I am the pilot of my life!!”

Well, my perspective has changed as I have grown on my spiritual journey. I no longer think that
I have to do it for myself. I know that I am guided and protected by something larger than me, be
that Source, Spirit, God, Universe, or whatever name one wants to give that Higher Power.

I have come to understand that I want to live my life being guided every step of the way. I want
Spirit to be the pilot and me be at the ready as the co-pilot, able to take the controls when there
is action to be taken, lessons to be learned, experiences to go through. Knowing, of course, that
I am still guided. I am given nudges of which actions to take, which to not. Trusting that I am
capable and open to what is the highest and best for my next spiritual step.

I had a client recently, where this metaphor came up. She wanted to surrender and just let
things flow. That is wonderful and yet, for her that involved little action on her part. She was
hanging out in the economy section of the plane not necessarily paying attention to what she
needed to do. What came in for her, was to make her way to the cockpit and become an active
participant in her life. Allowing the guidance of Spirit who is right there by her side, showing her
the way.

Be the active co-pilot in your life and trust that you are guided and protected every step of the
way, even if it may not feel like it.