Last December I made a commitment. A commitment to be ok with being uncomfortable. I know and understand that true growth really only occurs when one is willing to move out of their comfort zone.

So, because of this new found commitment, I’m going on more adventures!

Yesterday was gorgeous here on Kauai. It was a waterfall kind of day. My friend and I hiked to a waterfall where I have been several times in the past. It was a Sunday, so there were quite a few people, tourists and locals alike, taking it all in.

At first, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get into the river. I tend to be grossed out about river water and am always careful that I don’t have any open wounds or that I dip my head under. (Living on an island you hear things…bacteria loves to grow here with all the humidity…Anyway, I digress. This is not a cautionary tale). But that day, I wanted to go in. Even though there were quite a few people and the water was cold. So first I went and sat under the falls, then I made my way to the river.

Two young boys swam out to the rope swing, brought it to shore and swung out over the river and let go. They were brothers and trying to out do each other with the tricks and twists. My friend decided to take her turn. I had never done the swing. I always saw it, always thought that would be cool, and ALWAYS, rationalized some excuse to not do it like, I didn’t want to get my hair wet, I don’t want to accidentally swallow river water, or what if I land on that big rock!

But yesterday was different. I noticed that the thought of doing the rope made me pretty uncomfortable and a little scared. Then I remembered the promise that I made to myself back in December….That I was willing to be uncomfortable. This fit the bill. I had no more excuses.

So I waited in line and asked the two boys for a bit of advice. They looked at me funny, then they told me to make sure that I avoided the big rock. Noted. They also said, you’re tall so make sure you reach up the rope or your butt will skim the water. Good tips!

I grabbed the rope, got up on a big rock, mustered some courage and jumped off. I didn’t reach high enough on the rope and my legs dangled and pretty quickly I was in the water, head drenched, feeling the water go up my nose into the back of my throat to my mouth. I came up out the water super stoked AND grossed out that I had just swallowed river water. But man, that was fun.

So much so that I had to do it again. Definitely improving from my first go around. And this time plugging my nose before I went into the water to make sure no more river water got in.

Sacred Connection Journeys

These little things make a big difference. My story of swinging on a rope into a river. These little braveries…the subtle courage, these add up in huge ways, exponentially to build your inner courage, inner confidence, and inner joy.

You might feel ridiculous, heck you might even look ridiculous. I know I did. People might even be watching. But sometimes you just have to grab the rope and swing, Tarzan style into the river of life. There are no points for form, no perfect 10’s or utter failures. Just the pure joy and exhilaration of stepping out of your comfort zone. No matter how you looked, you did it … and that is simply awesome!!

Go be uncomfortable and if you don’t have anyone to celebrate those little victories with, share them with me. I’d love to hear how you are willing to be uncomfortable. I’ll celebrate with you!! Say, Good for you!!!