Have you ever had the experience where you are so excited about a new project or a new idea that in all of your excitement you tell everyone around you? Then a few days or weeks go by and nothing comes of the project or idea. It’s as if the air has been let out of the balloon and things seem to just fizzle?

In the excitement of sharing often times the energy of this amazing thing that is percolating and developing inside of you can be dissipated. It is like a seedling, with too much attention, watering etc, it might not thrive, or even survive. It is as if the idea is too young to withstand other peoples opinions positive or negative. The voices of the nay sayers, “Good idea, but that could never work”, begin to pervade like a virus and the great idea becomes filled with doubt. The appropriate time for development was never taken to allow for strength, clarity, and certainty.

Indeed, sometimes it is best and most appropriate for you to only speak to those people directly involved so as to keep the energy tight. This way you can really nurture your idea or project and get clear in your mind and heart what it is you want to create. You may find yourself going in a completely different direction as things unfold and take shape. By letting this develop there is more freedom, freedom from outside expectations. As the idea or project solidifies and clarity is reached then there can be the unveiling with certainty.

Sometimes it is ok to share. This takes discipline in listening for what is appropriate. Notice how you are feeling when you are sharing. Is your stomach starting to clench or are you having other physical cues? Are you affected by the response of others, becoming attached to their opinion, and noticing doubt creep in? This might mean to simply keep it to yourself. Not everyone needs to know everything all the time. It is your experience that is important, and if you feel the nudge to share, then share.

Photograph: Eutah Mizushima