Benjamin Franklin once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Do you ever want more out of your life? More financial abundance? More feelings of joy and happiness? More feelings of health, vitality and energy?

Take a look at some of the things that you do in your life. Are you doing the same things over and over again, expecting that it will eventually work? Maybe it is the 5 pounds you want to lose, or the dissatisfaction you are feeling with your job, or the amount of money in the bank. And it seems that no matter what you do you don’t feel like things are changing?

If you are doing the same things over and over, guess what? IT IS TIME TO STOP THE INSANITY. But how?

My philosophy is keep it simple and focus on what is working. Start small and as you start feeling better then you can add on more things to creating habits that will actually give you the outcomes you desire and expect.

Below are 5 simple and easy steps to implement into your daily life that will bring you more sanity.

1.    SMILE. That one isn’t hard. Did you know that smiling actually increases seratonin levels in your system which is your bodies natural antidepressant? Start your day with a smile and throughout the day give yourself the permission to smile for no reason in particular. Not only will you be on the way to making yourself feel better, but you will be brightening the day for others as well.

2.    BREATHE. Deep breathing is so important. With deep diaphragmatic (belly) breathing you increase the lymphatic flow in your body which is your bodies way of removing excess fluid, absorption of essential fatty acids and the necessary transport to the circulatory system, and it is vital in the production of immune cells. Deep breathing also allows for relaxation and helps to decrease the stress response. The more you are breathing, the more you are thriving.

3.    RECORD YOUR SUCCESSES. Whatever you focus on expands. It is the law of attraction. Get in the habit of writing down everything that went well during the day. Create a notebook to have by your bedside and before you go to sleep just write 5 successes you had for the day. They can be anything. Example: 1. I smiled more 2. I cleaned the kitchen 3. I followed through with a commitment etc. As you make this a habit you will find that instead of just 5 successes for the day you will want to write more and more. Your focus will begin to shift from what isn’t right in your life, to what is right, and the great things you are doing.

4.    ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Practice gratitude. In the morning or before you go to bed. A good exercise is to actually write down 5 to 10 things or people that you are grateful for in your life. As you do this exercise you will start noticing that you are feeling more and more grateful throughout the day, and more appreciative of experiences and relationships you are having or are involved in. Nothing new can come into your life without gratitude of what you already have. Make gratitude a habit that will allow you to find the lesson in ANY situation.

5.    PAMPER YOURSELF! It all begins with you. If you create time for yourself, pamper yourself, do the things that bring you joy, then you will notice that the time you give to others will be that much more enriching. Find an hour a week. Be it in one go, or spread out. Give yourself the time to read the book you have been meaning to read, or listen to the music you love to listen to. Treat yourself to a massage, take a bubble bath. Anything that you enjoy, make it a priority in your week. There is a famous quote by Ghandi that says, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” The change starts with you, so be the best YOU you can be and pamper yourself so that you can pamper others.

Photo Credit: Jessica Polar