Have you ever had the experience of being really excited about something and wanting to share it with friends, family and anyone who would listen? Just wanting everyone to know about it and to be able to take part in this new amazing thing you found. Knowing, of course, how beneficial it would be to them. In your passion for sharing and wanting everyone to know about this amazing information, you notice that the response from your friends and family is less than enthusiastic.

I know that I have had that experience, because when I find something great that helps me, or moves me forward on my journey I want to share it with the world, and I USED to be attached to whether they listened or not. What heartache that is, when you know someone could benefit from what you have to offer but they don’t want to have anything to do with it. Ugh!

It all comes down to this: Be open to the outcome and not attached to it.

When you really get this you experience true freedom. This is the case for you personally when it comes to manifesting intentions and desires, but this is also the case within relationships with others.

When it comes to sharing what you are excited about, are you wanting your friends to try the product or use the technique thinking you know what’s best for them? That is attachment. Even if you know it will be beneficial you are forgetting about their free will. Because of this, more often than not you will be met with resistance. And you wonder why they won’t listen to you.

This gets to really understanding how allowing works. Not only is it an art to allow in what you want to attract, but more importantly it is allowing others to be where they are without judgment. That is true allowing. In giving them the absolute acceptance of who and where they are, you allow for freedom. You also give yourself permission to totally accept yourself for  who and where you are. Gifting yourself that same freedom.

Enjoy YOUR journey, and share YOUR experiences, when appropriate, simply to celebrate what is happening in your life. That is all, detachment to the outcome is so empowering and freeing. Adding to the richness of your experience and your personal growth journey. If you find that as you share you are met with negativity, find someone else to share with. The universe will begin to bring more and more people in your life to support you as you begin to support yourself and celebrate your growth.

You can leave a comment and share your experiences. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Life is Amazing!