In Person Intensive

There are moments when we’ve done everything we know to do… and then? We wait.

We may wait for a message. We may wait for a feeling or signal, that this – whatever it is – is our next step on our path. Or, we notice that whatever we’ve pushed or forced is not working for us, and so we give in, and do our best to sit in the glory of nothing.

These can be lucky moments when we are at our most receptive to the still, small voice within.

I lead one-day in person intensives for individuals, couples and families who feel called to allow space for it in their lives. This 3 to 6-hour experience is designed to help you sink into the spiritual current beneath the surface of your life, so that you may receive the healings, teachings and lessons that have been waiting for you.

Based on your needs and intention, together we’ll pick a place for our time together that naturally supports you… whether I come to you or we both travel to a place that calls you.

Offered by invitation, the one-day intensive works best if you have a clear sense of what you want to accomplish, shift, or explore (even if you can’t quite put words to it and just know this is for you). If you resonate with this idea, please email and tell me a bit about your situation and intention, and why you are interested.