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Do you see life as a Sacred Journey?

Dr. Amy McLaughlin invites individuals, couples, and families to accept — once and for all — that our lives are nothing less than Sacred Journeys home. Perhaps that means letting go of some old stories, beliefs, or ways of being so that you feel more grounded, more at peace and more at home in your everyday life. Maybe it means finally learning a Sacred Lesson that has been waiting to be let in, for years or even lifetimes. Everyone comes with different needs and expectations, and while Dr. Amy may not have all the answers, she will have many of the right questions.

Unlike talk therapy, coaching or other types of energy work, this is not about feeling your feelings or making sure your sessions make sense to your mind. Instead, Amy facilitates a conversation between you and Spirit, asking you for permission to receive the healings, teachings and lessons that have been waiting for you as you mature into the person you are here to be. This effective, immediate, and subtle work is not for everyone, but if you’re curious, you are invited to learn more about private sessions and in-person intensives here or book your first session here.

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Letters and Sacred Lesson Stories

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